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Lindell Consulting, LLC believes that medication can be a very helpful and important part of a treatment plan. Combining medicines with psychotherapy is usually more effective. In few cases, medication helps in reducing symptoms so that other methods of treatment can be administered more effectively. In the case of depression for example, talk therapy to help change negative thinking pattern might be more effective if some significant symptoms are alleviated through medicines.


Some might respond better to medications than others and many a times, it is hard to know which medication works better for whom. Clinical records are reviewed by providers to gather evidence, which help them recommend one type of medicine over another. Other factors that contribute to the process of prescribing medicines are side effects and family history.

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In some cases, medication is used as a short-term aid for a few months while it may be a long-term, or even a life-long treatment approach for others.


Some people are apprehensive about this approach thinking that it will change their personality, but medicines are found to have helped most people take charge of their personality and decide on their treatment and quality of life.

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