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When a person is seeking chemical dependency treatment and needs public funding to pay for the treatment, they get a chemical use assessment. The assessor gathers information from the client and concerned others and applies criteria to determine whether the person needs treatment and what sort of treatment would be best. This assessment process and the decision criteria are governed by Rule 25 (Minnesota Rules, parts 9530.6600 through 9530.6655).


The Rule 25 Assessment follows a specific form. It is long interview process that asks for a lot of information about your history of drug and alcohol use, whether you should or are likely to moderate your use, and what sorts of consequences your use has led to.

When you come in to Lindell Consulting, LLC for your Rule 25 assessments, you won't be subjected to cold, clinical interviews. We're here for you to help you take control of your life.


We'll do everything we can to make it a comfortable experience while you take the first step towards your treatment.

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