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Healing with Professional Talk Therapy

At Lindell Consulting, LLC, we believe that psychotherapy or "talk therapy" can be one of the most effective tools for helping to improve mental health. Together, we can come up with a treatment plan that will suit your individual situation and your insurance plan to give you the best chance at success in your treatment goals.


We offer a wide range of therapies. Cognitive-behavioral therapy recognizes unhealthy coping methods to help the patients learn more about developing positive behaviors. An art therapy encourages them to meet their recovery goals, and express themselves creatively. We also offer psychoeducation to help them learn more about their mental illness and its effects.

We offer excellent individual therapy that can help you reclaim your sense of personal power. We also have family therapy sessions to help you improve communication, and resolve conflicts in a healthy way.


We'll work together to find the best treatment options for your family, so you can get through stressful situations, even in your life outside of our therapy sessions.

Do you need to work on your family dynamic?

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